Topic: Latter Days
Category: Things
Author: Darkle
Creation Date: Sunday, March 17th 1996

The Latter Days of TinyTIM

And yea, it was written in the frosting of Darkle's morning Pop-Tarts:

Know ye well the signs of the End Times!

There shall come a plague of Newbies and Twinks, and they shall be annoying, verily.
There shall come a great fillage of the Database of badly described objects, and not even Marcia shall be able to halt their flow.
The Canonical Responses will be forgotten, and none shall know of "poof" anymore.
Yea, the Clock on the Wall will forget how to mangle people's smiels into smiles, and there will be a great sorrow.
Hordes of Realists shall invade and destroy people's joy.
A great monolith of a device shall rise from the ashes, and it will do nothing useful, and it will be sold for 59 pennies.
He who was once a Wizard shall rise again, and those who are now Wizards will be cast down.
More than this cannot be said, because I ate the pop-tart too quickly.