Topic: Twinks
Category: Things
Author: Saor
Creation Date: Monday, July 31st 1995

The world is like a fruitcake (or vice-versa, who knows?). It is filled with lots of little dried up fruits and nuts, all of whom are separated by spongy social distrust. TinyTIM, as it mirrors Reality, is no different. The only difference is that the population is much less, and that the proportion of fruits and nuts to sane people is much greater. Walking around TIM, one finds that one may be a fruit or a nut as well, possibly both. This is normal, as normal as TIM can be. One may assume that Reality plays a big part in being a fruit or a nut. This is untrue. By definition, a fruit or nut lacks a steady diet of Reality, and so suffers a fate worse than bad poetry. It should also be noted that there is a small minority in both the real world and on TIM, called "Twinks." These elusive creatures can only be equated to the everlasting snack cake from which they derive their name, "Twinkies(tm)." Also see: SANITY TWINKIES