Topic: Wizards
Category: Old
Author: Macavity
Creation Date: Sat Jun 15 22:38:16 1991

The major problem with governing people -- one of the major problems, of which there are several -- one of the major problems is who does it, or more accurately, who can convince the people to let them do it to them. Fortunately on TIM we have no such silly problems. The Wizards of TinyTIM, aka the Council of Seven, are: Trout.Complex, Sketch, R'nice, Marcia, Black_Dougal, Coyote, and G'zint. In addition, Jost is Wizard-for-a-Day after an upset win in the Abe Vigoda Scavenger Hunt. Be nice to them, OK? You think you've got troubles, try ruling a virtual Universe sometime...