Topic: Green Energy Demons
Category: Things
Author: Darkle
Creation Date: Monday, December 12th (probably 1995)

Some people, when they look at the sun or their word processors too long, see little green figures writhing in front of their eyes for a while. Most Pinks assume this to result from retinal burn-out, not recognizing the Green Energy Demons as REAL. <1>
Don't worry, these are just demon-aliens, not Elder Gods--they're not even as intelligent as the Deros. (q. v.) They _can_ be dangerous, and they'd probably LIKE to take over the planet, but they're somewhat immaterial and scatterbrained, too crazed and frenetic to interact much with humans--aside from the occasional berserker poltergeist rampages. <1> (If you stare at the sun long enough, you'll be able to see ALL of the Energy Demons... forever. But is not Truth worth blindness?)