Topic: Deros
Category: Things
Author: Darkle
Creation Date: Monday December 11th, 1995

The Deros (DAY-rows), also called the Advanced Supersonic Nazi Hell Creatures from Beneath the Hollow Earth, are semi-mechanoid, insectoid, serpentine "zombies" who buzz and fret within the slime-filled tunnels beneath Mt. Shasta, California. A force to be reckoned with in the 1940s and '50s, these vicious but brainless infraterrestrial automatons have taken a back seat to the new extraterrestrials on the block.

Deros bombard surface dwellers with waves of bad vibes, sinister urges, and suicide signals, but are too mentally *insectile* to channel comprehensible directives through humans. Hive-brainers, they're incapable of innovative thinking; they can only scheme toward immediate, practical ends, with no sense of the big picture--not unlike human comic book fans.

Aside from the Queen of England's powerful pheromones, the Yacatisma Hate-Link Pre-Vibe is the only thing that motivates the drones in their underground master assembly plants.