Topic: foof
Category: Things
Author: Darkle
Creation Date: Sunday, December 10th, 1995

<tab>Today's Useful Tidbit Number #8234: What to do when people say silly things and other people say silly things in return, and you're standing there looking like a complete putz?
Fear not! For here is a semi-complete guide to interesting responses for interesting things.
First off, there's our old favorite 'foof.' Foof is always responded to with a 'yay', unless the queue is jammed up. Foof is often a new Player's first @listen. (See TinyTIM Help: @LISTEN.)

<tab>Fair enough. Here's a lesser known TIM oldie but goodie: the 'poof'='gay' duality. As in, if someone says 'poof', you should respond with 'gay.' Simple enough.

<tab>And for our last installment, the Vampires! (fuckers.) Yes, out favorite creatures of the night, the vampires, are nothing more than fuckers. So every time someone says vampires, you should make it clear that you're onto their secret, and let out a resounding 'Fuckers!'

Here's a handy chart:

foof = yay

poof = gay

vampires = fuckers

Knowing this, you can be a better TIMster, or at least not look like such a clueless fool in the Nexus. Thank you.