Topic: Nexus
Category: Places
Author: Darkle
Creation Date: Saturday, March 9th 1996

This is the nexus from which the realm of TinyTIM extends. As you look around the room, you see numerous doors that lead to various planes. Check the Directory Machine to see what leads where. Do things. See places. Have fun. Babylon and the Number Seven are the Same Color. Go soak. You know...

This is probably one of the very first places that you visited on TIM. It may even be the place where you hang out the most. The one thing you can't deny, though, is that the Nexus is the very Heart and Soul of TIM.

The Nexus denizens should be familiar to everyone who's played here for more than a week: the Clock on the Wall, which does too much, the Old Man of the Nexus, who makes his URLs out of stone and mud, the Directory Machine, which people usually use as an article of furniture, the Statue of TIM, which plays a silly song, Atlas who Shrugs, the You Bet Your Life Duck, and the Dark Thing of the Nexus.

Now, the PLACES which you can get to from there are probably the most important of all. The MUSHroom is where you can find the latest updates that have been made to TIM's code, the Mailroom allows easy communication to players who aren't connected, the Library is a storehouse of useful information, the Chat and Checklist rooms are where TIM parties of past and future are commemmorated, the Junk room is just disgusting, the Ads are useful, and the Interplace lets you get to UrbanTIM.

There are probably a zillion weird commands in the Nexus. A few of the more interesting ones are @immolate, @poo, @pui, @d'oh, and @tmbg. Try them sometime...

Anyway, to conclude, the Nexus is a lot more than a place to sit around and talk. It's the living proof of TIM's historical importance: almost every other social MUSH ever created has some s ort of Nexus-like place, and many MUSHes pay homage to it, in the form of Old Women of the Nexus, or Clocks on the Tower, or whatnot.