Topic: Heck
Category: Submitted
Author: Toregrin
Creation Date: Wed Nov 4 18:26:00 1998

Heck is strange. It is firey and blazing and burning. It also fires, blazes and burns.

The inhabitants of Heck are strange folk, bearing primitive triple-poker weapons and having spear-like tails and red skin. They thrive off pain and flame. Hobbies include nipping TIMsters in the butt, shredding TIMsters that survived the Old Man of the Nexus, and making Call Waiting more common. Hates include life, the Hitchhikers Guide, and anything that doesn't make people miserable.

It should be noted that Heck is not the worse place on the planet to be (thank TIM for that!). Being as unaccessable as it is, secluded from the universe, and the location being death, it is great for the twink, the fool who had annoyed one too many pointy-tailed folks, people who forgot their towel, and people who tried to drink Zaphod Breeblebrox under the table.

FUN RATING: -15,000,000<tab>EDUCATIONAL RATING: 9.873
SHOPPING: Don't try it. That's my advice.
LODGINGS: You are down their for eternal torment, and you want a place to STAY?!?!?
RECOMMENDED STAY: Don't even GO there (if you do, average stay is remaindier of natural lives, sometimes more).
DANGER TO HEALTH: Just shoot yourself and get it over with.