Topic: Invading MUSHes
Category: Things
Author: Darkle
Creation Date: Thursday, Match 7th 1996

There ARE other MUSHes than TIM. (pause, wait for gasps from the audience to subside) Fortunately, most of them suck. Big time.
When a MUSH is found that TRULY sucks, there's only one thing to do to it: Invade.
(Historical note: TinyTIM was the first MUSH to actually be invaded. See, the wizards had forgotten to change TIM's password from the default of 'potrzebie', and one day, someone came around and logged in as TIM. And proceeded to @toad everyone. This is what provoked the development of the @untoad command. The password was also changed. =) Feel better for knowing this.)
Anyway, 'invading' a MUSH tends to involve:

1) Logging on to the 'enemy' world.
2)Doing strange things, like demanding a Star Wars theme from a medieval fantasy MUSH.
3a) Getting toaded or booted off by the admins of the victim MUSH.
3b) Driving away all the sane players (usually, there aren't many.)
3c) Leaving due to boredom, because the MUSH sucks so much.
3d) Crashing the game.

With the exception of 3d, invasions are relatively harmless to the victim world, and generally involve a bunch of TIMsters hopped up on Pop-Tarts (tm) running around and doing silly things.
Famous invasions throughout the history I know of TIM:

SequoyaMUSH, also known as XystMUSH: So bad, it had to be invaded twice. Quote: 'Ouch, that must of hurt!' -- the @odrop on the exit to its Nexus
Dragon's Breath MUSH: I was Yoda there. Talk like this, did I. We wanted Wookies.
NeonMUSH: Night of Twenty Squirrels and a big-ass flamewar on
(Historical note: NeonMUSH was also invaded by a strike team from OtherMUSH one night.)
The Lion King MUCK: Canceled on account of Incredibly Boring MUCK.
The Storyteller's Circle: Please accept the love of Ally Sheedy.