Topic: Netscape
Category: Things
Author: Darkle
Creation Date: Thursday, January 18th, 1996

Netscape, or the Most Annoying Thing Ever Created

Netscape is not exactly something that one would expect to find within the confines of TinyTIM, but it's very very important that you know how evil it is anyway.
Netscape encourages the creation of annoyingly huge web pages which take forever to load, incorporate billions of superfluous graphics, and generally make life hell for people with text browsers. (Like me.)
In fact, many 'Netscape-Enhanced' pages are totally unreadable by things like Lynx. Not only that, its evil additions to HTML make things unreadable for many other graphical browsers.
The whole point of this article is: 1) If you're going to build a WWW page, make it so that unprivileged mortals with a shell account can use it, and 2) I really need a new computer, because this amber monochrome text-only screen is getting to me. (Yes, this is a plea for pity.)