Topic: Tableclothes
Category: Submitted
Author: Xarisa
Creation Date: Sun May 10 09:13:15 1998

Tableclothes are wonderful inventions. They keep your grass clean if you take them on picnics, and stop the bottoms of your plates from sullying your pristine table at home. They are also great at toga parties-but you ought to make sure to use a cloth one unless you Want to have it ripped off of you within three seconds. Since this article is not about toga parties, we will now resume discussion of tableclothes. So, you need a tablecloth. You can: a. Make one out of newspaper b. Buy one from a st ore or c. Get one from your grandparental/parental units buy inheritance or begging. Before you do this, you should make sure that what you need is a tablecloth and not sheets. Tableclothes look really dumb on beds.