Topic: North Pole
Category: Submitted
Author: Draith
Creation Date: Sun May 18 15:05:02 1997

<tab>As I write this article, from here in the North Pole of TinyTIM, the walruses and penguins and sea-lions look at me like I'm some kind of freak. I'm freezing my butt off for you guys, just for your *educational* purposes. Well I can tell you, it was fun traveling to the northern most part of TinyTIM, and standing here before me, is the northernmost pole here. I think I'll leave my mark. Anyway, there is not much to be done here, except to find the remote, or maybe those old socks. You can s till say that you were up here, though, if you do decide to come, but beware of the ice wolves in the great snowy plains that protect this area, and be strong. That is my advice, and for the rest of you who have no adventure, don't worry, it's actually not as bad as I described it. Ciao