Topic: Underground Mall
Category: Places
Author: Knight
Creation Date: Sunday, Match 10th 1996

UrbanTIM Underground Mall

Aah. The UrbanTIM Underground Mall. A place filled with people, commerce, and lots of exotic sights and smells. This mall was built right in the ruins of a former subway station. Which is interesting, because TIM never had a subway. And, come to think of it, it's not terribly much of a mall, now is it?

In fact, the only people in the mall is an Oriental rice and beans vendor and the clerk of the Blood-Sugar-Tech-Magic shop... who is also enjoying a plate of beans. As for exotic smells... it's a really good way to learn what rice and beans smell like. But all good malls have stores, and that is precisely the reason this one doesn't. Why not? Because when you have beans and rice, you don't NEED stores, that's why! (Actually, there are stores, but they are all either closed or not selling anything.)

My advise to the shop happy TIMster: There's a sale on rice and beans in aisle 3, Thank You.

RATING: 1 (of 10)
SHOPPING: None to speak of. In fact, the Bad Glasses street vendor,
<tab>outside, has better stuff than this place. Unless you like rice
<tab>and beans.
LODGING: Not in a mall, and certainly not this one.