Topic: TIMIT
Category: Places
Author: RedEVIL
Creation Date: Monday, January 1st 1996

<tab>The TinyTIM Institute of Technology (TIMIT)

<tab>Have you ever sat back and wondered "How does he/she/it DO that?" in blithe amazement as someone shows you their new frododingy object that can slice, dice, and puree using only 20 characters of MUSHcode? I'll bet my grandma's teeth you have. TinyTIM is the home to a great many coding engineers and developers. How does a Timster gain his or her great coding prowres and unusual sense of humour? Simple. Years of hard (HARD, mind you!) and dedicated study at TIMIT, that's how.
<tab>Located in scenic northern UrbanTIM, these hallowed halls are filled with the brightest minds of TinyTIM, who've sold their collective souls to technology itself and are studiously becoming TechonoTinyTim masters. But enough background, on to the campus itself.
<tab>The campus is a magical place. While touring through, one should be sure to try all doors, look through the rafters, and pick a few locks. A second, and closer, look at everything will reveal some interesting surprises. Oh. Don't disturb the people with acetylene torches. Be sure to dress in black..
<tab>This author's favorite spots include the computing center, where one can log onto another multiuser environment, and the general Harvaard Square area, which is located to the north of the campus itself.


<tab>TIMIT is a growing entity. Be sure to drop Mutant, it's primary author, a note saying you hope he continues to work on it. Even Timsters need support. :)