Topic: Pop-Tart Church
Category: Places
Author: Darkle
Creation Date: Saturday, March 9th 1996

Plane 16, the Pop-Tart Church, is the product of jima's deranged mind. And it shows.
Upon entry, one is almost immediately stricken by the twin portraits of mirabelle and jima. When your headache subsides, go west, young being, go west, to view the Uxorious Pop-Tart, and twist your brain around the hellish Pop-Tart puzzle. You can also drop suggestions for new additions into a suggestion box therein.
Down a dank flight of steps from the puzzle area can be found a huge effigy of the Epitome of Bad Acting itself, which will answer your deepest questions, as long as they can be answered with a simple yea or nay.

Returning to the lobby, we travel north this time, to see the Church proper. Here can be found several of the holy relics of the Church, as well as its pulpit-pounder, the famed Sgt. Janor Hypercleats. Some say that the baptismal font of milk has strange properties...

Outside the church, which can be reached from the puzzle area, lies a verdant meadow and lake where some interesting fish can be found.

This is only an introduction to the wonders of the Pop-Tart Church. For a fuller tour, please check out the WonkaWands at the Church entrance.

RECOMMENDED STAY: At least one hour is necessary to see everything, budget more time if wrestling with the Pop-Tart puzzle.