Topic: Plane 41
Category: Places
Author: Darkle
Creation Date: Thursday, March 7th, 1996

Plane 41 is advertised as the Plane of Bad Building. And it IS. Created out of the sick and twisted mind of Jafar, it has absolutely no merit whatsoever than its use as an example of what NOT to do when building in TIM or any MUSH. A quote:

'There is two different type of frogs. One is the colored frogs, they are good frogs. The other is black frogs, they are the bad frogs. There might be frog wars somtime in the furture. To get a frog contact Jafar.'

<tab>--from a sign in the Realms of Fun in Plane 41

Lingering too long in Plane 41 has been shown to cause insanity, as the masses of badly described rooms overwhelm the senses with crap. Keeping large amounts of chocolate on hand is recommended for any visitors.

DANGER TO HEALTH: Medium to high, depending on length of exposure.
RECOMMENDED STAY: Less than half an hour.
LODGING: Available in the Castle of Moria. Just ask Jafar for a room. (Eccch.)