Topic: Jaron's Good Stuff
Category: Places
Author: Darkle
Creation Date: Sunday, March 10th 1996

Jaron's Good Stuff is at the intersection of Third Street and Second Avenue, in UrbanTIM. There are only two things available from this place: Non-Video Messagers and UltraMail. Having in the past owned each of these devices, I'll describe them for you.

A Non-Video Messager is a nice little device which greets people who wander into your home. It'll give them a message of your choice, and allow them to leave messages for you in return. When you finally get around to connecting again, you can check who's been in your house, read their messages, and erase the whole stinking mass of messages to get ready for the next influx of people. =)

UltraMailers are even nicer. They're a really neat little messaging system which work like portable mailboxes. Ever seen an @mail or +mail system on some other MUSH? That's what an UltraMailer is.

Unfortunately, since Jaron isn't around much anymore, the system has fallen into a bit of disrepair. But it's still useful.

OVERALL RATING: 7.0 (it'd be higher, if it weren't for the seven unclaimed Non-Video Messagers lying around which greet you on entering the place: raise it to 7.6 if it's been fixed since last I checked.
LODGINGS: There used to be a link to this groonchy little place called the Village of Chalace, but no-one ever went there and it got destroyed.