Topic: Church of TIM
Category: Places
Author: Knight
Creation Date: Saturday, Match 9th 1996

The Church of TIM
(Plane 1)

The Church of TIM is a monolith structure indeed! Hidden within it's hallowed halls are the secrets to an eternal salvation and other nifty things.

Directly within its godly gates, an impressive lobby will spread before you in exactly the way that a lobby built by the contributions of many rich suckers would. On your way through, don't forget to drop a few coins in the box and forget a few sins. Just a paltry 500 pennies and TIM will look the other way, no questions asked.

Continuing on this Tour du Salvation, you will come across the inner sanctuary where, it is said, miracles have been performed by The Great One, himself. Maybe a couple weddings, too... And bingo over the weekends. This church has it all!

For the devout sightseer as well as simply devout, the church of TIM offers many sin-relieving avenues of exploration that are certain to please. The bell tower, high atop the church, is a great Kodak picture point. For the courageous at heart, a dark walk through the cemetery, examining the statues and memorials of the men and women that influenced all of our lives and then, unfortunately, died, will do you some amount of good. It is from here that you can hear the somewhat untragic tale of Vince the TIMster.

All in all, your visit to the holiest point in all of TIM should be an educational and fun one. Enjoy your stay and be sure not to insult the bishop!

SHOPPING: Saving up and buying eternal salvation instead of that Paint
<tab>Blaster you wanted, might be a good idea in the long run.
LODGING: None. You REALLY want to live in a church??