Topic: Bushranger's Bush Gear and Empirical Emporium
Category: Places
Author: Darkle
Creation Date: Monday, March 11th 1996

Bushranger's Bush Gear and Empirical Emporium, at the intersection of Fourth Street and Second Avenue, is just the place you should visit before going on a trek to the Outback.

The shop itself exudes a quaint Australian style, broken only by the beer-swilling Japanese sock puppet.

Atmosphere aside, Bushranger's shop only sells one item: boomerangs. These are of limited value, as they only have three commands, and one of them depends on @emit, which removes their usefulness in NO_EMIT rooms. (See: TinyTIM Help: HELP NO_EMIT) But they make a great souvenir buy, and have lots of space to add more commands.

RATING: 6.5 (of 10)
SHOPPING: Boomerangs cost 35 pennies.
LODGINGS: Bushranger lives off of his shop, and I don't think he has any guest space.