Topic: Islandia
Category: Old
Author: Author Unknown
Creation Date: Date Unknown

Far back in the mists of ancient time, in the great and glorious days of the Golden Age of MUDs, life was wild, rich, and on the whole tax free. At the center of it all was Islandia, averaging well over 100 users at once. The central Islandian government kept programmer bits rare and topology strictly enforced, but that was quite all right, since nobody wanted to build illogically -- at least, no one worth speaking of. So successful was this venture that Islandia got the hugest database of all time, reducing fuzine's diskspace to near poverty. And so the system collapsed and a long sullen silence spread over MUDdom, interrupted only by the key-tappings of a few scholars smugly writing treatises on the values of planned topology. Fuzine itself vanished and Islandia's memory passed into the obscurity of legend. Of course, in these enlightened days no one believes a word of it.