Topic: improbability drive
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Author: Author Unknown
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Scientists have always known how to generate FINITE amounts of Improbability, by using a Bambleweeny 57 Sub-Meson Brain connected to an atomic vector plotter and giving it a a good Brownian motion source, say a nice hot cup of tea. However, creating the INFINITE Improbability needed to flip a spaceship between the stars was so difficult that scientists finally announced that it was a virtual impossibility. One day, however, a graduate student found himself reasoning like this: If an II Drive is a virtual impossibility, it must be a finite improbability, and so all I have to do to make one is figure out exactly how improbable it is(2 to the power of 8622609 to 1 against, it turned out), feed that into the Finite Improbability Generator and turn it on! The student was surprised to discover he had created the long saught-after II drive out of thin air. The next day he was killed by a rampaging mob of respectable physicists.