Topic: Poetic Terrorism
Category: Things
Author: Telsa
Creation Date: Friday, March 8th 1996

Quick easy defination of poetic terrorism: terrorism using a form of
poetry, art, or any other enlightening non-harmful thing instead of

Longer, harder definition of poetic terrorism: Poetic terrorism is
the act of, instead of making people fear their physical safety and
survival, making them fear their mental safety and sanity. It is an
aggressive (but non-physically harmful) act that attempts to jolt people
into full consciousness, by its sheer bizarrity. Poetic terrorists
endanger the popular reality paradigm by defying it in ways that are not
illegal, but are outside of consensual reality's bounds just the same.
(Ex. having forty people line the sidewalk on a busy street or bridge
shouting poetry at the passers by, passing out free water on a corner and
asking people to fill out questionaires on it, getting a bunch of people
to dress as clowns for a day and freak out bus drivers together, etc. For
more examples, see - the San Francisco Cacophony
Society's homepage. Excellent resource for anyone interested in
large-scale Discordian-style pranks and poetic terrorism.)

<tab>From: Autumn Tyr-Salvia, on alt.discordia