Topic: Angst Overdose
Category: Things
Author: Darkle
Creation Date: Saturday, April 13th 1996

No, it's not a band. Actually, it's something that's getting more and more prevalent amongst people all over the USA and in TinyTIM.

What's the problem? Whining. Whining about everything, anything, and the other thing. Apocalyptic doomsayers, Goth depressed'er-than-thous, failing poets, and lovelorn people of all types.

What's the solution? GODDAMNIT, LIGHTEN UP! Sweet Jesus, unless you're lying in a pile of your own excrement while you're reading this, then you're a hell of a lot better off than a WHOLE LOT of people. Fine, so your job may not be the best, but what you're making would be a lifetime fortune to some people. What? Your fifth girlfriend left you? Some people never have one.
Believe it or not, there are people in this world who are far worse off than you are. Consider yourself damn lucky, and stop whining. You're giving me a headache.