Topic: Annoying People
Category: Things
Author: Tesla
Creation Date: Thursday, January 18th, 1996

No. This is NOT about how to annoy people. This is about how to deal with people who are annoying you. If you want to annoy people, go talk to PISS-BONER, who will be happy to answer your every request. THIS article is about what to do when YOU are being annoyed by a person/life form/intelligent un-living form/rock/etc.
The simplest response to being annoyed is to leave the presence of the annoyer. This is not always feasible, however, considering that many annoying things/people/etc. are mobile, and can follow you around. Being that this is TinyTIM, they can also page you, and thus annoy you from a distance of thousands of DB numbers away.
@teleportation usually removes most, if not all pursuit opportunities, but paging presents its own special problem. To block out _all_ pages, you can @set yourself=HAVEN. This, too, has its drawbacks: no-one can then page you, even if they have something constructive to offer. The solution to this is found in what is known as the Page-Lock.
A page-lock selectively filters out Annoying from Not-Annoying pages. The format of a page-lock looks something like this:
<tab>@lock me/page=!AnnoyingMan
where AnnoyingMan is a player who is annoying you. To block out more than one annoying player, the page-lock should look something like this:
<tab>@lock me/page=!AnnoyingMan&!ImpertinentKid
where AnnoyingMan and ImpertinentKid are annoying people. There is no real limit to how many players you can block out at once, though typing the entire lock can be more irritating than the players are.
Now, if neither leaving or page-locking are feasible, and if you have TinyFugue, there is one final option available to you: the /gag command.
<tab>/gag AnnoyingMan*
will neatly remove AnnoyingMan from your MUSHing experience completely.
And of course, if all else fails, you can contact one of the wizards, who can help you. Hopefully.
Of course, if YOU'RE being annoying, TIM help you.