Topic: Coyote's Forest
Category: Places
Author: Knight
Creation Date: Saturday, Match 9th 1996

Coyote's Forest
Plane 2

Coyote's Forest: The most SOMETHING place on TinyTIM. As to exactly what, this guide reporter really has no idea.

In general, Coyote's Forest is made up of a large area of forest land with fields on all sides. Running E/W through is the Great River. On the eastern side is the Gaerwyn Mountains. On the northern side, there is the valley home of the Cayaweis Indians, and the west is solid cliff, unpassable except for the waterfall that just *might* decide to send you falling towards your doom. Hope you insurance is paid up. And finally, on the southern border are the Grendel Homesteads, where you can find affordable housing. Rumor has it that a Great Coyote is on patrol through the forest, so be sure not to litter on your trip through.

Coyote's Forest has many attractions for the TIMster who isn't afraid of going deep into unexplored woodlands, miles away from the nearest outhouse. For starters, there's the Jatheroth Stoneshae, holy place to the Cayaweis Indians. The brave (and/or foolish) may dare to touch the Idol contained within to receive either a blessing... or a curse. Not for the faint of heart!

Within the forest, many interesting things exist. Some intrepid travelers have heard singing among the bushes and trees. Some even speak of a man with a waffle on his head. Some of the zanier ones talk of a mysterious cattle envying lizard that lives in a forest of furniture. Then again, some people are just crazy.

For the adventurous type, there's a maze in the western part of the forest that poses and interesting challenge. But this reporter urges caution so as to not get lost. (Like he did) Other activities include barreling off, and just strolling through the forest. The latter is by far the least dangerous.

SHOPPING: None. Not even plastic Idols.
LODGING: Free housing is available in the Grendel Homesteads, in the
<tab>southwest fields of the forest.