Joe Pranevich's Homepage

Welcome to my tiniest corner of the web. This is my personal site about some of the the things that I have done and the things that I am doing.

In my professional life, I am a former Linux and Solaris system administrator, now the Director of Technology, for a major web portal. I have a strong background in computer science and previous occupations include jobs as as a software engineer and as a DBA. I used to be a C/C++ programmer, but these days I find most of my private and professional work being done in Perl. Computer

Tux the Penguin I occasionally fancy myself something of a writer, and I have written a number of articles (mostly about Linux) which have been published by a number of magazines and websites. You might be interested in my bibliography and archive. My most recent is The Wonderful World of Linux 3.0.

I'm also a man known for his quaint obsessions. I tend to take topics (sometimes popular, and often not) and learn every little detail about them. (My support for Linux may have started this way.) My latest projects are an analysis of English word frequency and a blog about religion. Mass. State Quarter

Hitchhiker's Guide Logo
In a former life, I was utterly obsessed with MUSH (socially-oriented online games) and the history of online civilization. In that spirit, I maintained the "Hitchhiker's Guide to TinyTIM" (TinyTIM being one of the oldest and most popular of the MUSHes). I have recently copied the whole thing onto the web and you might be interested the now-outdated guide articles. (Although formatting is still a work-in-progress.)

Other than all of that, I'm also a pretty normal person. You can follow me on Twitter, but I rarely post interesting things. You also might be interested in knowing a little more about me. Home